Academy Governance

Who are we, and what do we do?

Concentrating in particular on the outcomes for pupils the Academy Governors, operating through the Terms of Reference, assist in holding the school to account. The Academy Governing Board comprises staff members, parent members and community members and each is appointed by the Trust Directors for the skills they will bring to the Academy.  Eaton’s Governing Board is made up of up to 9 volunteers to ensure efficient working practices.

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Governors can always be contacted via the school.  We would love to hear your views on what the school is doing well, and what it could do better.

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Who we are

The membership of the Governing Board for the school as at  1 September 2018  was;


Chair – vacancy

Mr K Philpott (parent), Vice Chair – appointed 1.3.18

Safeguarding / Training & Development                            

‘I am parent governor with responsibility for safeguarding.  I am currently a police commander within the Contact and Control Room at Police Headquarters where I assess and determine the police response to emergency incidents. I have also worked in a wide range of roles within the police including specialist investigation departments and am a qualified adult trainer.
Previously, I worked in strategic management roles within the Audit Commission, Cabinet Office and a global accountancy firm providing policy, strategic and professional advice on many aspects of Local and Central Government.  I have been a critical friend for a number of Local Government agencies who have progressed collaborative or performance improvement arrangements to improve efficiency and value for money.This has included challenge workshops surrounding strategic and financial management as well as the delivery of support services such as payroll and Human Resources.
I have a daughter within the school.’

Mrs S Batley (community), – appointed 1.3.18
Staff / Governance lead                                                                                                       

‘I served in education all my working life variously as a classroom teacher, Headteacher and School Improvement Partner .I am now retired. I was keen to maintain my links to education and was delighted to accept the invitation to join the newly formed Eaton SAIG in October 2016.’

Mr Phil Rod (community) – appointed 1.3.18

Mr M Merrywest (parent), – resigned
Progress/Achievement  lead member

`I am a recent addition to both Eaton village and Eaton Primary as my son has recently joined Reception. Originally a computer programmer, I returned to Norfolk nearly 15 years ago to train as a Computing teacher. For the past 9 years been working as a consultant, advising on the effective use of data and school systems around the country. I am also back in education myself, studying for a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the UEA`                                                                     

Mrs J Clayton (parent) – resigned 1.9.18
Disadvantaged and SEND lead member

‘I am a Mum of three boys, two of which are currently at Eaton Primary and one who has gone on to secondary school. My interest in education stems not only from my parental involvement but also from my career. I worked as a Literacy Intervention Teacher at a local secondary school, primarily working with students who have Special Educational Needs or English as an additional language. Currently, I am completing my PGCE in Secondary English Teaching. My relationship with Eaton Primary School started when my eldest son started school in 2008 and as my youngest has only just started in Reception so the relationship will continue on for many years yet! ‘


Mr P Porter (community) – resigned 31.8.18 
Progress/Achievement lead member                                                                                

‘I am a Chartered Electrical Engineer and worked in the electricity supply industry for over 30 years.  My interest in education began 25 years ago when my two sons were at school and this led to me becoming a school governor, governor trainer,  governance reviewer and performance management adviser.  More recently I retrained as a teacher and taught science in two Norfolk high schools.  I was invited by the Local Authority to join the Eaton IEB in 2014 and I subsequently volunteered to join the newly formed academy SAIG.”

Mr A Lowe            Headteacher (staff)

`I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years working across a range of educational settings including the London Borough of Camden and Hertfordshire. Prior to my Headship at Eaton, I spent 4 years as Headteacher in Dacorum, including time spent as Executive Head for the local authority. During my time in Hertfordshire, I also worked as a School Improvement Partner for the local authority.`

Ms K Estlea           Deputy Headteacher (staff)

Mr M Jones           Assistant Headteacher (staff) – resigned 1.4.18 

(Numeric figures show attendance details for the last academic year.)

Governors are all required to complete business interest forms on an annual basis and disclose any interests at the commencement or appropriate point in any meeting.  As at 1 September 2018 no personal disclosures were made.

What is the role of the Evolution Academy Trust?

Academy Governors are accountable to the Directors of the Evolution Academy Trust. The Directors are accountable to the Department of Education for all aspects of all schools in the Trust.

As of 1 September 2020 the schools in the Trust are:

Angel Road Infant School
Angel Road Junior School
Bignold Primary School
Coldfair Green Primary School
Costessey Primary School
Eaton Primary School
Filby Primary School
Wensum Primary School
Dell Primary School
Elm Tree Primary School
Poplars Primary School
Nelson Infant School

The Directors are;

Mr Jeffries – appointed 1.1.18

Mr D Whitehead – appointed 1.1.18

Mr K Philpot – appointed 1.4.19

Mr A Matthews – appointed 1.9.19

Mrs A Randall – appointed 1.9.19

Mr R Jarvis – appointed 1.9.19

Mr S Bramble – resigned 1.9.19

Mr T Bishop – resigned 29.11.17

Mr C Paul – resigned 1.4.18

Mr J Lawson – resigned 12.12.18

Mrs S Greenacre – resigned 31.8.19

Mrs V Newrick – resigned 31.8.19

Mr D Rich – resigned 21.7.20

Mr T Hull – resigned 12.7.18           

Mr M Adamson – resigned 6.2.19

Mr N Watson  – resigned 18.1.18

Under the Articles of Association, Evolution Academy Trust has the following Members;


Mrs S Mitchell – appointed 6.12.16

Mr T Bishop – appointed 29.11.17

Mr M Jeffries – appointed 18.1.18

Mr S Bramble – appointed 1.9.18

Mr N Watson – resigned 16.7.20

Mr T Wise – resigned 12.7.18


The Members have approved their Scheme of Delegation which empowers and organises the actions they, the Directors and the Academy Governors take with regard to school finances.

Governance Arrangements for Eaton Primary School 

Scheme of Delegation for Eaton Primary School