The Daily Mile

How the Daily Mile works at Eaton 

We are really excited about this new initiative and we are looking forward to the health and well-being benefits it will bring our children.

  • Children will complete the Daily Mile every day.
  • The Daily Mile will be for all children – from Reception to Year 6
  • Children will complete the Daily Mile immediately after lunch break, staying on the playground to save time.
  • All children will need to have outdoor trainers at school every day which they will wear for lunch break, and then for the Daily Mile.
  • Teachers and staff will participate in the Daily Mile – it is a whole school event.
  • The Daily Mile will be completed on 2 circuits. A junior and an infant circuit.
  • The Daily Mile will last for no longer than 15 minutes each day.
  • We will try to run every day – weather permitting.
  • If the field is very wet, we will move to the hard surface playgrounds.
  • Miss Coombes – supported by the Key Stage Leaders Mr Jones, Mrs Major and Miss Watson – will lead the Daily Mile.