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'Be ready;  Be respectful;  Be safe'

Everything we promote within our behaviour strategy can be linked back to three simple rules that we all follow in school:


Be Ready: I will help myself and others to learn by being in the right place, with the right equipment and ready to listen and complete my work


Be Respectful: I will listen and talk politely to adults and other pupils; I will look after equipment and other people’s possessions


Be Safe: I will be kind and look after myself and others; I will follow appropriate instructions from adults



Our Rules

Visible Adult Consistencies

Above and Beyond Recognition

Relentless Routines

  1. Be Ready
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Safe

1. Daily meet and greet – every child

2. Calm, Consistent, Fair

3. First attention to best conduct (catch children doing the right thing)


1. Recognition boards

2. Home contact by teacher

3. Certificates

4. Postcards/Good News Notes

5. Raffle tickets

6. HT weekly Happy Hour

7. Star of the week (nominated by pupils)


  1. Wonderful Walking around school (with or without adults)
  2. Praise in Public- Remind in Private
  3. Awesome Appearance
  4. Magnet eyes
  5. Cinema Seats - (whole class active engagement)
  6. Super sitting
  7. Listening ears