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The School day



8.40am           The school gates will open

8.45am          1st whistle: Teachers on the playground and children line up in their class line on the playground 8.50am           2nd whistle: Teachers will take their class into school.  

 Learning starts immediately and all classes will have early work for children to complete during   registration.

9.00am           Doors will be closed    


Children who attend Breakfast Club will arrive between 7.30 and 8.30am via the front entrance.  Parents are not allowed to enter the school at the start of the day - messages are to be passed to the class teacher or senior staff who are on the playground, before 8.50am.    


Reception       Morning Session       8.50 – 12.30pm

            Afternoon Session    1.15 – 3.15pm


Year 1            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.00pm

           Afternoon Session    12.45 – 3.15pm


Year 2            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.15pm

           Afternoon Session    1.00 – 3.15pm


Year 3            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.00pm

           Afternoon Session    12.45 – 3.15pm


Year 4            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.10pm

           Afternoon Session    12.55 – 3.15pm


Year 5            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.20pm

           Afternoon Session    1.05 – 3.15pm


Year 6            Morning Session       8.50 – 12.30pm

           Afternoon Session    1.15 – 3.15pm