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Letter to parents following Ofsted

17th January 2024

Dear Parents,


Following our inspection by Ofsted on 5th and 6th December 2023, I am now able to share the final report with you all. We are delighted to tell you that Ofsted have judged Eaton Primary School to be a GOOD school. We are extremely proud of this positive outcome which is a testament to the care and commitment of our staff, the support of our parents and carers, and of course, a celebration of our wonderful children.


At Eaton, visitors that spend time in our school, frequently leave with a strong impression of both the children’s and staff’s enthusiasm, happiness, supportiveness, and kindness. Our Ofsted report captured this:


‘Pupils are proud of their school. They enjoy being part of a warm, welcoming community. Pupils thrive in an environment where happiness permeates the school. Older pupils who are peer mediators look out for and help younger pupils. Pupils know there is always someone to help them if they have worries about anything. Pupils enjoy learning and want to share their achievements. They engage in activities with enthusiasm’.


The report also acknowledged that staff who teach and support your children are skilled, have high expectations and secure subject knowledge:


‘Subject specialists have identified the important knowledge that pupils need to know. They have then determined the best order to teach this information to ensure pupils learn well. This means teachers know exactly what to teach and when… Teachers have a secure subject knowledge of the subjects they teach. They use their expertise to break down complex ideas into small, easy-to-understand content’.


The report identified that there are areas for development and these are already part of our school improvement plan. We have been working hard to ensure we have an engaging, aspirational curriculum that will inspire our children to learn even more effectively. We are delighted that Ofsted have recognised the strengths and the work that has been done so far and we are keen to further improve teaching approaches and more precise questioning in each of the different subjects so that our children remember more over time.


We are very pleased with the outcome of our inspection and you will be able to read more about the inspector’s judgements in the published report.


Thank you to every member of the school and our Trust who are working tirelessly to ensure Eaton remains a great place for children to learn. Also, thank you to parents and carers for your welcome support. Eaton Primary will continue to build on our successes.


Please find the Ofsted report on our school website. The report will also be published on the Ofsted website towards the end of next week.


Kind regards,

Kate Estlea